Have you ever a situation where the girl is constantly fills up with messages? Of course, at first, this increased attention is very nice and flatters vanity, but if the messages come too often at the most inopportune moment, and the girl resents the fact that you don't speak to her, this situation is starting to wear thin. You should understand why this is so. There are several reasons for which a girl constantly writes messages for you.

Your sweetheart lack of communication

Girls at a tender age tend to idealize his beloved. While the rest of the world fades as if to them and is no longer interested. The guy becomes the center of the universe and occupies all their attention.

Not surprisingly, by limiting their contact with other people, the girl feels lack of communication that attempts to compensate with a loved one. He instantly becomes her best friend and she's trying to tell him all the news that occur during the day.
Perhaps the girl at this point and wasn't the best girlfriend, and she decides that from now on the guy will be the closest person unwittingly begins to choke him.

The woman's social dependence

If messages come in social networks, it may happen that the girl will just appear or has already appeared social dependence. Today's youth often deals more with messages every few hours checking their accounts on Facebook and Vkontakte.
Send all messages – it's just a habit, communication style, and fashion.

The girl fell in love

Sometimes even the most proud and independent person constantly begins to scribble a gentle message to my boyfriend. This happens in the case if a girl loses her head from love. Of course, the first wave of passion will soon pass, everything will return to normal and the posts will come less frequently and will be more informative.

Whatever the reason the girl began to want to overwhelm the guy with messages, he should clearly decide for yourself whether you want the girl to him or not. If, unfortunately, young people don't feel for this person, no feelings, and the constant posts irritate him, he needs to gain strength to be honest about it with her young beauty. If the girl who is sending messages, he is cute, he should understand that, most likely, he wasn't paying her enough attention. On his part it would be good to take a more proactive role for meetings in real life.