Advice 1: Why girl constantly writes messages

Some girls are constantly spend their time in social networks. They love someone to correspond, to communicate, share different information. Men just can't understand why this is happening.
Why girl constantly writes messages
Have you ever a situation where the girl is constantly fills up with messages? Of course, at first, this increased attention is very nice and flatters vanity, but if the messages come too often at the most inopportune moment, and the girl resents the fact that you don't speak to her, this situation is starting to wear thin. You should understand why this is so. There are several reasons for which a girl constantly writes messages for you.

Your sweetheart lack of communication

Girls at a tender age tend to idealize his beloved. While the rest of the world fades as if to them and is no longer interested. The guy becomes the center of the universe and occupies all their attention.

Not surprisingly, by limiting their contact with other people, the girl feels lack of communication that attempts to compensate with a loved one. He instantly becomes her best friend and she's trying to tell him all the news that occur during the day.
Perhaps the girl at this point and wasn't the best girlfriend, and she decides that from now on the guy will be the closest person unwittingly begins to choke him.

The woman's social dependence

If messages come in social networks, it may happen that the girl will just appear or has already appeared social dependence. Today's youth often deals more with messages every few hours checking their accounts on Facebook and Vkontakte.
Send all messages – it's just a habit, communication style, and fashion.

The girl fell in love

Sometimes even the most proud and independent person constantly begins to scribble a gentle message to my boyfriend. This happens in the case if a girl loses her head from love. Of course, the first wave of passion will soon pass, everything will return to normal and the posts will come less frequently and will be more informative.

Whatever the reason the girl began to want to overwhelm the guy with messages, he should clearly decide for yourself whether you want the girl to him or not. If, unfortunately, young people don't feel for this person, no feelings, and the constant posts irritate him, he needs to gain strength to be honest about it with her young beauty. If the girl who is sending messages, he is cute, he should understand that, most likely, he wasn't paying her enough attention. On his part it would be good to take a more proactive role for meetings in real life.

Advice 2: Why do girls fall in love

The girl - creature is an amazing and fickle. No one knows what she might do in the next second. What then to speak about lofty matters? I break out why the girl with him such a positive, kind and sympathetic, and his friend.
Why do girls fall in love
Why girls fall in love with boys? What factors contribute to this? It is time to figure it out.1. It's time to fall in love. There comes a point when you just want someone to fall in love. She awaits the appearance of the right woman. There are certain traits that make a guy attractive: the mystique, cleverness, charisma, uniqueness, unpredictability, the ability to interest.2. The need for care and understanding. Girls - being receptive, and often they need people who will support them in any difficult situation, will choose warm and right words. Nice to receive SMS-good morning wishes, daily calls, when he asked, how are you doing and where were you the whole day. A trifle, but warms the soul. It flatters your ego.3. The pursuit of the ideal. Probably, each person has his own ideal - a certain set of qualities and external characteristics that he would like to see in your companion, therefore it happens sometimes that, not having met this man in real time, girls fall in love with actors, Directors, singers of a band - they are unattainable and perfect.4. The need for emotions. When life is steady, everything goes on as usual, there is a need of thrills. If the girl is successful, lives a stable life, it appears the need for emotion, be it happiness or mental suffering.5. Resemblance to parents. There is a kind of syndrome - a complex ELEKTRA. That is, she subconsciously distinguishes the man, like his father.6. The need for protection. Instinctively every man lies the hunter, and the woman - homemakers in need of protection.7. The inaccessibility. It happens that the girl rejects the guy, and he starts to show signs of attention another. It becomes locked and inaccessible. In this moment she realizes who she's lost, awake feelings and emotions. Perhaps in this situation, the main factors are the sense of ownership and jealousy, but the fact remains - a girl fights for her man and doesn't want to let him go.

Advice 3: Why girl writes

There is an opinion that the guy should always write to the girl first. However, some women prefer to take the first step themselves. But sometimes it happens that she just stops writing to the young man, and this behavior has its own value.
Why girl writes

A reasonable compromise: to write or not?

As a rule, frequent calls and messages from the girlfriend don't wait. Everything has a reasonable limit. And if the girl is cultured, educated, phoning and writing to the guy every hour will not. These messages will not lead to good. In addition to negative feelings (irritation, anger) others, and especially, positive emotions certainly will not be.

The girls are really looking forward to a call or message from a loved one. Sometimes waiting is hard work. Sometimes it is delayed and there is a desire to remind myself. Such a step is welcome, but it is important not to spoil the view of yourself, because guys have other things to do, problems which should be solved without the participation of outsiders.
It is important to tolerate the freedom of personal space, each partner.

Generally girls great lovers to talk and chat on the phone, and the guys are not so talkative. However, it sometimes happens, when one call girl that can really make a difference in the life of a boy. It is no secret that one phone call is a chance to get acquainted and establish the relationships as very close, so friendly.

The woman writes what does it mean?

If a girl breaks your phone the next messages, this does not mean that she lost interest in your person. Most likely, she's waiting for a call or SMS from you, afraid to seem annoying, or really busy (work, studies, etc.). Such excitement occurs in a little insecure boys.
If there is no doubt about the feelings of the beloved, so reason to worry about the infrequent calls there.

Conversations and correspondence on the phone – not the only way of communication, but reliable option for maintaining good relations, a tool that will allow you to contact each other at the right time. A smart guy knows if a girl doesn't call or write itself, it is the main in their relationship and manages, deciding when to call and write and how many times.

It is advisable not to get carried away the phone texting and talking, and to sort things out for any reason and without. Let the phone is simply a tool for organizing meetings (live communication). It does not reduce the development of relations just by messaging on the phone. This is the wrong way and he has no positive future.

Of course, sometimes, when she really doesn't want you to write or call. To understand it is not so difficult. During the conversation, the girl is not eager to communicate with you or drop your call, not answering texts, or trying to quickly finish the conversation. It is better to try to figure out what's the reason to know you will need it or not. Ask a direct question and think about her answer. Would you feel if the girl is no longer yours.
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