New knowledge

Higher education institution is, first and foremost, a source of new knowledge that cannot be obtained at the school. Of course, any knowledge you can draw from your needs the appropriate books, but no books will not replace the communication and interaction with the teacher, able to clarify obscure points and to transfer the experience it has gained many years of labor. In addition, the first courses in almost all faculties are comprehensive and include such subjects as philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, etc. the Development of intelligence has never stopped anyone, especially the erudition and education today at a great price.

Job specialty

If you have decided what you want to do for at least a significant part of his life, the best way to sooner or later find a suitable job to go to UNIVERSITY to study. Some jobs don't require higher education, but work as a teacher, doctor or engineer without a relevant diploma will not work. It makes sense to get a higher education even if you're not going to work. Looking to the future, you can see a situation in which the diploma will be useful and will give you jobs and therefore livelihoods. So if you have the time and opportunity, it is better to go to College, the maximum choosing the specialty according to own knowledge and interests.


As a rule, most of the students go to study not to the faculty, which they are really interested, and try to do anything to be able to pass the entrance exams. If a passing score allows you to study at the expense of public funds, then it is considered a great luck, and a specialty is irrelevant. Why such an irresponsible choice of future activities does the majority of young people, just graduated from school? The fact that the highest value in modern society is actually a diploma. If you browse job ads, you will notice an amazing thing: higher education is required and the bus driver and salesman, and window cleaner, and even an ordinary janitor. Today, the conventional wisdom about what a good worker must be educated, a man without higher education is not good jobs or decent wages. Unfortunately, it is the prestige attached to the diploma, still causes thousands of applicants enter higher educational institutions, though most of the students do not have the desire to learn.