How to make a love spell on a guy

Immediately I must say that any spell is an act of forced submission, and the reasoning behind it is to program a person to love for yourself. This ritual is performed to appeal to a higher power, the side effects can be very unpredictable. You can apply only for strong mages, which is very little.

What are some harmless ways a love spell at home, based on the use of own energy, the power of thought and visualization?

Take bilateral mirror, it is every girl. On one mirror put your photo, opposite the picture of the guy. In the end, the image should adjoin or be opposite each other. Close the mirror and put it under the pillow, there it shall lie until the first results. This simple ritual really works. Constant thoughts about the object of adoration will attract it.

For the next ritual you will need a votive candle, and conspiracy. Conspiracies take Orthodox to find them easily. Photo put in front of him, light a candle and while it burns, say your prayers, thinking about the beloved.

During worship, you need to be in a calm state. Before it is advisable to go to Church. The use of alcohol or other similar substances is excluded. The image must be material, i.e. photos in the phone will not work. During the ceremony all electrical appliances should be turned off prefer natural light sources like candle. The actions of the spell is necessary to reinforce actions towards the man, gentle words and other secrets of seduction.

Possible danger. You have to know!

If you decide on more experienced the rite of love spell using magic, you need to know about the possible consequences. Poorly performed ritual may harm the health of the one who charms and bewitches anyone. Come into play of an unknown force, consider whether you are ready for it. The man made a spell, it will remain programmed until then, unless someone will take it off. Sincere and heartfelt feelings don't expect. Possible absurd situation that the guy would not even understand why he was drawn to you, but to not do anything.

At any age girls and women can find love, and unrequited male behavior lead to desperate actions. If you decide to spell, consider the pros and cons. For help it is better to consult specialists in this matter.

Good advice: wait for a young man who will love you and himself will be on hand to old age.