Signs of love spell

If a married man, a loving father of a family suddenly begins to hate his home and family, can with great certainty say that he was bewitched. The person begins to behave strangely, suffers mood swings, began to lose interest in life and often begins to think even about suicide.

Enchanted male usually begins to tire, one gets the impression that something unknown like sucking out his vitality and will to live. He did not even dare to admit to himself that he's got something wrong, on the contrary, he is confident the situation is under his control.

To all questions he answers aggressively. Attacks of causeless hatred he has replaced a tide of tenderness. If the children have enchanted men still somehow triggered his paternal instinct, his wife, he begins moments just fiercely hate.

What happens in the family charmed men

When a man is under the influence of a love spell, he is no longer master of himself. His will is completely subordinated to the woman who made him spell. It just unconsciously drawn there.

Around the enchanted person creates a negative energy field. And you could even say that the spell contagious. Children receive negative energy from their parents.

A man can't be with their household. Phrases such as "like me you are tired", "I'm annoyed by these noisy children" and "why are you always pressuring me to" become familiar and commonplace. What feels the man himself, involuntarily transferred and his children. Children father also begins to irritate, and they are trying by all means to avoid.

In addition, in the house where an enchanted people, start to be trouble. Even if a man decides to leave his family in the house still continues to remain tense atmosphere. Children to grow up in a house very hard.

When a man is superimposed on a spell, he seemed to lose his fate, and even after removing the spell takes a lot of time and effort to be able to enter into normal. You need to restore the way of life of the whole family.

If you see these signs and understand that your sweetheart spelled, then in any case it is not necessary to do anything on their own. You need to go to Church or to a specialist who has the appropriate knowledge and will be able to help.