Emphasize all your dignity and the bright side. Please dress modestly, not provocatively, but that outfit and hairstyle to gain the advantage of showing the beauty of your figure and appearance. Choose elegant and natural makeup and elegant jewelry.
Go out refreshed and relaxed, don't show fatigue and irritation. Be friendly and joyful. Don't go out hungry – otherwise, instead of thinking about the man, you will think about food.
Before Dating a man, apply on the skin a little perfume. It will continually attract attention.
Remember that the thoughts of men, one way or another, relate to him as well as what it involves.
Try to communicate on such topics that will be time to return the man to some Association with their own Hobbies, goals and interests. Discuss things that somehow relate simultaneously to you and to man, and try to keep a man in a light tension – this will allow all the time to keep the attention on themselves.
Watch carefully how a man treats other people and how it goes with them. Do with him as well as he does with others and Express his expectations from other people. Be honest and truthful to the man was honest with you in return. If it opens you, it's done – you filled his thoughts.