You will need
  • Strategic mind
  • A sense of humor
The first thing to make a man miss you needs some time to disappear from his life. If you are around all the time, you won't be missed. So even if it is difficult, make sure you give the person you want to get bored, plenty of time and space, so he had to realize that he needs you to be near.
Be all the time busy. When you do the next time you talk to your partner, in response to the question about what you are doing, just tell me about all the ridiculous and hilarious things that have happened to you lately. First, you show that you are an interesting person, and secondly, it will demonstrate that your life is full of events. After that, your chosen one will only have to think about how you are an interesting person and think that it would not hurt to spend time with you often.
When you're together, ask about pleasant memories. For example, say: "Remember when we went to the beach and made this sand castle?" or "how ridiculous you were juggling kiwi fruit in the store!". No need to be constantly reminded of what happened in the past, otherwise it will seem that nothing is happening in the present. But, nevertheless, a reminder of the pleasant moments spent together will make him think about how good you were. Besides, he will surely remember these funny stories, even when you are not around.
Just be soul of the company, miss the one who always fun and happy easiest. If you and your partner constantly having a good time, then in any case he would miss you.