Before you begin the makeup or disguise, the skin should be moisturized – so it is easier to "grab" all the pigments and tools and makeup will not flake off. Pat apply a small amount of moisturizer (but in any case not greasy or nutritious!) cream or gel is oil free and wait two minutes.
Take concealer. It has a dense structure and hides even the strong limb-darkening. Concealer can be with a greenish tint, it perfectly hides a bluish color. You can also use a camouflage pencil, apply it a point hammered movements, trying not to smudge.
Red bumps and bruises neutralizes yellow corrector – apply it gently and evenly, even the edges or transitions in a different color.
Yellow edge bruises, better to cover it with concealer or light bluish-purple color, this example made use of by professional makeup artists. These colors neutralize the yellowness after the application of the subsequent concealers bruise is almost not noticeable.
Now take a cream powder or heavy powder and apply, again, not

rubbing at the bruise.
To resolve swelling, if any, prior to application of the masking tools apply to the bruise the ice, wrapped in a napkin or thin package, and leave for a few minutes.