You will need
  • - Shade, shade;
  • - camouflage concealer;
  • - camouflage concealer;
  • - camouflage contour makeup.
Get a special cover funds. They're best for masking the bruises, scars, birthmarks and other defects. These funds are of several types: camouflage concealer camouflage color corrector and contour camouflage makeup.
If your bruise is small or already is, for it is masked you need to use a camouflage concealer. This tool somewhat denser than usual, has very good masking properties. With this tool you can hide not only a small bruiseand but and vitiligo, birthmarks, pimples, moles, and tattoos. Choose camouflage concealer need exactly the color of your skin. It should be applied in the usual way: apply small dots to the area of the bruiseand carefully shaded.
If the bruise is big, bright, you need to choose a color camouflage concealer. This concealer contains special colour pigments, whose main task is to neutralize the color of the damaged area. So, bruising, which is red in color, you can adjust green camouflage corrector, and a bruiseand a color corrector lavender color. The application procedure is the same: apply on the bruiseand point and shade.
Large bruise with swelling mask camouflage contour makeup. This specialized care, specially designed to "distract" attention away from the bulging areas on the face of the "other" side. It can be used, for example, for masking the bruises remaining after surgery. The order of application is: you need to put on the swelling and bruise light tone corrector, and place around to disguise a darker tone.
In the absence of camouflage cosmetics you can use the base to apply shadow in order to mask the slight bruiseI. This database is available in yellow and orange tones, it is suitable for masking fresh bruises. But if the bruise is already taking place and has a yellowish shade, shade, shade will not help. In this case, or wait until the injury would heal itself or use camouflage makeup.