Advice 1: Well-known resorts on the Yellow sea

Beach holidays are loved by many inhabitants of modern cities. The sea helps to forget about problems, to relax, to restore the nervous system. More popular today take an unusual direction. For example, stay in China on the Yellow sea.
Well-known resorts on the Yellow sea

Yantai Golden beach

Yantai Chinese wonderful resort located on the East of the country. From the capital city is divided by almost 500 km. the United Nations declared the area "the most favorable for human life". The merit of such a title in the pure air and the comfortable mild climate.
Yantai has a very pleasant climate. There are no severe frosts in winter and in the summer the unbearable heat. The highest temperature is observed in late July – early August and reaches 28oC.

Yantai is a small city. Here you will enjoy beautiful nature, clean sea, mountains, Islands. Some tourists say that Antani very similar to a fabulous city with good infrastructure and beautiful scenery. There are many beaches, ports, a comfortable embankment.

The pearl of the Yellow sea

Unique Oriental resort city is Qingdao. This place has many informal names: "Eastern Switzerland", "Pearl of the Yellow sea", "the garden City". The former German colony has preserved the architecture and some national peculiarities of the colonizers. Qingdao produce the best Chinese beer and the annual international festival of beer.

In Qingdao, you can not only enjoy the clear waters of the Yellow sea and white beaches, but also to arrange the natural and cultural programme. For example, visit the city symbol – Zendoku dam and the beautiful aquarium at the Maritime Museum.

On the other side of the Yellow sea is a large resort of Dalian. Here are some of the best Chinese resorts, which are renowned practice of traditional Oriental medicine. They will help to restore emotional balance, improve physical and psychological health.
Dalian is a former Russian city of Dalian connected with Irkutsk train tracks. Today, through the efforts of Khabarovsk architects, there is a "Russian street," named in honor of Joseph Stalin.

If you are interested in mainly beach vacation, be sure to look in the "Tiger Bank". This Park is a gorgeous beach. In the coastal cafes and restaurants here offer the freshest seafood, and from the pier you can take a boat boat trip.

Wishing to retire from the mainland to visit the island Banchou. Just a few miles across the water, and you are on one of the best beaches on the Yellow sea. Come and see the Park "Xinghai" to enjoy beautiful plants, inhabitants of the seas at the aquarium and have fun on the rides. If this is not enough, treat yourself to relaxation in a natural Park Birds: more than 1,000 species will perform their greatest hits especially for you.

Advice 2 : What sea is China's

A lot of tourists who are going on vacation to China, wondering what the seas bordering the country, indeed, where to relax, which coast to choose. By the way, there are plenty to choose, because in China, as many as three seas.
What sea is China's
China is surrounded by three semi-enclosed sea in the Pacific – is the East China, South China and the Yellow sea. Semi-enclosed sea is like a pond, which surrounds the mainland in some parts, and from the ocean is nearby Islands. If you do not take into account the coastline of the Islands, which are part of the state and account for about three-and-a-half thousand units, the entire coast of China stretches for 12,000 miles.
The yellow sea is located in the center of the shallow mid-continental shelf. The sea surface covers an area of 417 thousand square kilometers. The depth of the Yellow sea the average is about forty meters.
As for the East China sea, its surface covers an area of 752 thousand square kilometers, and has an average water depth of 350 meters. The East China sea connects with the South China waters at the expense of the Taiwan Strait, whose length is approximately three hundred and sixty kilometers, but the width in the narrowest places is 130 kilometers. The Strait is shallow, as in his channel there are places in which the water depth does not exceed the sixty meters.
The South China sea is the largest of those, whose waters bathe the territory of China: its surface covers an area of 2140 square kilometers. East China and the Yellow sea represent shallow waters, but South China is situated at the level of 1-2 km, in some places the maximum water depth reaches five miles.
Currently becoming more popular to vacation on the shores of the China seas. Interesting and exciting holidays can be hold in China. Heading for the China seas on the ship that will bring travelers to the picturesque Islands, one of which is Hainan, which is the largest tropical island, which is located in the southern part of China.
Around the world the island of Hainan is famous for its amazing beaches and clear water. Almost most of the island is covered with forests, this means that the collection is dominated by clean and healthy air, which pleases travelers. This island is safe compared with a Paradise.
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