Search the Internet or magazine any drawing, it is best with a simple clear outline and a small number of shades. Print it on a sheet of paper and translate onto fabric with a simple pencil. There are several ways to transfer the pattern onto the fabric:

• With a white thin fabric it's simple: lay it on a sheet of paper, pin to pin or seal with tape in order to avoid offsets and draw the contours.
• Simple drawing can not even print. Attach the fabric to the screen, close up with duct tape and put the pattern.
• Reliable method for complex compositions or dense tissue: put two chairs at a distance of 10-20 cm, lay them on glass or other transparent surface, between the chairs, place the light source (lamp, floor lamp, lantern). You got a lit table. Put the sheet with the pattern on top of the fabric. Now all the contours are clearly visible.

When the pencil drawing on the fabric is ready, take colors. If you need different colors, mix paint on the palette with water, mix them with each other. Despite the fact that acrylic paints are diluted with water, they are resistant to washing and abrasion, with careful handling, the picture will please you very long.

On the table lay the rubber sheet then a few layers of unnecessary fabric to absorb, for example, towels. Be especially careful with clothing: the paint should not get to the back to wash it. A little secret: stains on white fabric you can paint white acrylic.

First, paint the light areas of the picture, then darker. It is important to avoid white flashes, pokrasivshe fibers. With the help of water to get beautiful watercolor stains. Neighboring areas it is better to paint 2-3 hours to paint not mixed.

When the image has dried, take a thin brush and make the black outlines – so the composition looks complete. At this stage you can draw on top of the paint, looks nice painted acrylic contrasting color.

To drawing with acrylic on fabric was durable, it needs to be fixed. To do this, put the front side of the product unnecessary cloth and iron the picture from the inside (the paint part could result).