You will need
  • - white cotton t-shirt
  • - natural or artificial dyes
  • - water,
  • - a reservoir for dye solution,
  • - gum.
T-shirts are usually made from cotton fabric, which can be easily colored. You can choose between natural or artificial dyes. The latter can be purchased at a hardware store.

As natural dyes use instant coffee, variety of teas, birch leaves, blueberries, blackberries, turmeric, onion peels, and cinnamon.They do not fade with time and retain the freshness of color.

For dyeing a fabric blend of selected plant material and then boil in distilled or aged water (if you have one, add potash - potassium carbonate or sodium). After that the dye solution uvarovite to the desired concentration, strain. In the resulting decoction soak or boil t-shirt.
When painting t-shirts you can apply different techniques of binding or folding fabric to create a variety of intricate patterns. Wet white t-shirt, wring it, lay the front facing you on a flat surface. On the front side in the middle take a piece of fabric with your fingers and begin to twist clockwise. After twisting, secure several rubber bands. You should get a neat ball of tissue.
If you use artificial dyes, dissolve your chosen color in the water, according to instructions. Put prepared t-shirt in the dye solution and leave for an hour. Evaluate the results of staining. If you want to achieve a more intense color, leave the fabric in the solution for some time. After staining, remove the shirt, untie them, rinse under running cold water until the water becomes clear, or wash it in the washing machine on a quick wash. Dry and iron the t-shirt. Enjoy exclusive, vibrant and unusual result.