Advice 1: How to paint with acrylic paints on fabrics

Using the inks for fabric which are now sold in almost every stationery store, you can make an original pattern on the clothing, being sure that the second this thing is not no one. Learn several practical tips on technologies of drawing on fabric with acrylic paints.
How to paint with acrylic paints on fabrics
Paints based on aqueous acrylic dispersion is best used on cotton and silk fabrics – that they paint well kept and it is with these fabrics it is convenient to operate.
Before you work with colors and wash well athlete thing, and then pull to the frame, or put them on a solid surface, e.g. a table. The paint has not spoiled the opposite side of things, is sandwiched between the front and back side stuff the sheet of cardboard or oilcloth.
Put picture special marker for fabric, or use a simple pencil. In the latter case, you will need paint to cover the outlines made by the pencil, because the graphite is washed out of the fabric.
Making a rough figure, thoroughly mix the paint and start coloring the workpiece. Use artistic brushes of different sizes. To reduce the intensity of the color of paints you can use thinner for acrylic paints.
Once the image is ready, the painting should be dry within 12 – 24 hours to dry the paint and then iron iron without using steam. Between the front and back side of things this should lay the cloth, after removing the cardboard or plastic used previously.
48 hours after stroking Pets gentle wash things at a temperature of 30-40°C using mild detergent and without fabric strong mechanical treatment.

Advice 2 : How to make a t-shirt saying

Even the most ordinary plain t-shirt can be turned into an original and bright clothes if you put on it the inscription. Depending on the financial capacity and amount of free time, it can be done in different ways.
How to make a t-shirt saying
You will need
  • Mike, markers, beads, beads or buttons, ribbon, thread
The first method is the fastest and relatively inexpensive. You need to purchase special markers for patterning on the fabric. You can buy such markers are typically not in stationery stores and in the departments of children's creativity, the goods for needlework. After washing caused by the marker, the inscription is not erased, it will not lose its shape and not turn into a strange spot. The average cost of the pens on fabric about two hundred rubles. Before applying the lettering on the shirt is placed under the fabric a few sheets of paper. This will prevent leakage of the paint markers on the other side of the product. The rest of the markers are easy to use them enough to make the necessary inscription on the fabric and give a few minutes to dry. After that, original, the product is ready.
The second method is to put the inscription on a t-shirt is to order the sticker to the fabric. For example, the production of stickers by screen printing offers a number of firms. Transfer sticker on t-shirt using the iron through a cheesecloth. Alternatively, companies offering such services can be ordered at the same time and manufacture of stickers, and applying it on a t-shirt (with special machines). The disadvantage of this application is that over time, the sticker starts to obleplivaet". Ready stickers cost about 400 rubles. Stickers to order will cost from 2,000 to 6,000 rubles (depending on size).
The third way to apply the lettering on the Jersey consists of several stages. First you need the inscription to do is write on the wall, on the pavement, paper etc. to take a picture. Continue to enjoy the print on the shirt. As well as stickers, manufacture of photographic products is engaged in many companies. Drawing pictures on t-shirt costs on average 300-400 rubles, production time is 1-2 days.
The fourth method to put the inscription on a t-shirt – needlework. Thus, the inscription can be embroidered with beads, beads or buttons, cut and sew a ribbon in the form of letters, cut out lettering from fabric and glue through the web for clothing. In addition, the inscription can be embroidered with threads, using various techniques of embroidery.

Advice 3 : How to paint with acrylic paints on clothing

Many people want to wear clothes that accentuate their individuality, help to Express the inner world. Of course, this is hard to find in stores. But if you are even a little know how to draw, then easily create their own unique things, simply causing the image on the fabric.
How to paint with acrylic paints on clothing
You will need
  • - acrylic paint
  • - plain clothes,
  • - brush
  • - heavy paper or cardboard,
  • - adhesive paper,
  • - pins
  • - Scotch
  • fabric
  • - iron.
To start with the paint. The particular choice depends on how exactly you are going to draw. If you plan to do a stencil pattern on it, buy the paint in spray can. Such acrylic paint will go on smoother fabric. If you are going to use the fabric as a canvas and create a masterpiece from it, please note the paints in tubes and jars. You will also need brushes of different thickness and thinner, because the thick paint will not allow you to draw delicate lines.
Find yourself a well ventilated area. This is especially relevant advice for those who will draw paint from a container. Prepare yourself a flat, level surface where it will be possible without problems to make your chosen quality canvas thing.
In clothing under the place where you will be drawing, it is better to invest a piece of thick paper or even cardboard, so that paint does not leak and is not imprinted on the reverse side of things.
If you paint a stencil, it would be optimal to cut it out of adhesive paper. So you can be sure that during application of the first coat of paint, the stencil will not shift, and the pattern is not deformed. If adhesive paper at hand was not, try to fix the stencil firmly with pins and tape.
If you draw by hand before proceeding to the coating clothing with acrylic paints, apply a simple pencil outlines of your drawing. Do not put the paint in a thick layer then it will be a very long wait until the picture dries. Better put light brush strokes in several layers.
Once you have completed your masterpiece and it is completely dry, the pattern must be sustained. To do this, it progladte iron, placing it between the picture and the sole plate is a sheet of paper or cut tissue. Now your unique clothes you can wear!

Advice 4 : Painting with acrylic on fabric

In recent years become increasingly popular painting with acrylic on fabric. This is a great and inexpensive way to make clothes individual – after all, the fabric can be applied to almost any drawing. If you decide to learn to paint on fabric with acrylic paint, start with a simple silhouette.
Painting with acrylic on fabric

Search the Internet or magazine any drawing, it is best with a simple clear outline and a small number of shades. Print it on a sheet of paper and translate onto fabric with a simple pencil. There are several ways to transfer the pattern onto the fabric:

• With a white thin fabric it's simple: lay it on a sheet of paper, pin to pin or seal with tape in order to avoid offsets and draw the contours.
• Simple drawing can not even print. Attach the fabric to the screen, close up with duct tape and put the pattern.
• Reliable method for complex compositions or dense tissue: put two chairs at a distance of 10-20 cm, lay them on glass or other transparent surface, between the chairs, place the light source (lamp, floor lamp, lantern). You got a lit table. Put the sheet with the pattern on top of the fabric. Now all the contours are clearly visible.

When the pencil drawing on the fabric is ready, take colors. If you need different colors, mix paint on the palette with water, mix them with each other. Despite the fact that acrylic paints are diluted with water, they are resistant to washing and abrasion, with careful handling, the picture will please you very long.

On the table lay the rubber sheet then a few layers of unnecessary fabric to absorb, for example, towels. Be especially careful with clothing: the paint should not get to the back to wash it. A little secret: stains on white fabric you can paint white acrylic.

First, paint the light areas of the picture, then darker. It is important to avoid white flashes, pokrasivshe fibers. With the help of water to get beautiful watercolor stains. Neighboring areas it is better to paint 2-3 hours to paint not mixed.

When the image has dried, take a thin brush and make the black outlines – so the composition looks complete. At this stage you can draw on top of the paint, looks nice painted acrylic contrasting color.

To drawing with acrylic on fabric was durable, it needs to be fixed. To do this, put the front side of the product unnecessary cloth and iron the picture from the inside (the paint part could result).

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