Paints based on aqueous acrylic dispersion is best used on cotton and silk fabrics – that they paint well kept and it is with these fabrics it is convenient to operate.
Before you work with colors and wash well athlete thing, and then pull to the frame, or put them on a solid surface, e.g. a table. The paint has not spoiled the opposite side of things, is sandwiched between the front and back side stuff the sheet of cardboard or oilcloth.
Put picture special marker for fabric, or use a simple pencil. In the latter case, you will need paint to cover the outlines made by the pencil, because the graphite is washed out of the fabric.
Making a rough figure, thoroughly mix the paint and start coloring the workpiece. Use artistic brushes of different sizes. To reduce the intensity of the color of paints you can use thinner for acrylic paints.
Once the image is ready, the painting should be dry within 12 – 24 hours to dry the paint and then iron iron without using steam. Between the front and back side of things this should lay the cloth, after removing the cardboard or plastic used previously.
48 hours after stroking Pets gentle wash things at a temperature of 30-40°C using mild detergent and without fabric strong mechanical treatment.