You will need
  • The fabric is thick, the paint for painting on fabric, brush, cold batik.
Take a thick cloth. Fit silk, linen, in the extreme case - dvunitka. Stretch fabric on a frame. The subframe can be ordered in a workshop that manufactures frames. The fabric is fastened to the subframe is best using the carpentry stapler.
Take a sheet of paper and sketch a simple pencil sketch for future painting. Transfer it to fabric. Applying the pattern to the fabric using a soft pencil. Barely pushing on it, draw the line. Remove all the excess eraser and wrong.
Take a glass tube for applying the reserve fluid. Open the tube of the reserve and, without squeezing it, draw about half of the spherical container into the tube, sucking her mouth with the back of the tube.
Put the sub-frame with the sketch horizontally on the table. Concentrate, keeping up with the reserve at an angle of thirty degrees to the surface of the fabric, apply the reserve. To have a smooth, even movements, not stopping for a second, otherwise it will flow onto the puddle.
Once you will turn the whole picture, wait until the reserve dry. Drying time approximately 20-40 minutes. Make sure that the lines no reserve passes. This turns the brush pour some water into each of the resulting encircled with a piece of cloth. Look carefully not to leak water somewhere over the edge. If this happens, mark with a pencil the place and after drying it apply a reserve there again.
How to draw on fabric
Take the palette with trays. Dilute the desired amount of paint. In the standard set of painting on fabric of all six colors, but rather the right mix they can create absolutely any color and shade. Apply paint on fabric brush smooth flowing movements. The paint will spread within restricted reserves.
First, apply a lighter tone of paint. After drying, the layer can be applied on top of another. This way, you will achieve a more complex and beautiful colour combinations. Fill a paint fragment by fragment like a mosaic.
How to draw on fabric
Finish the fill. You got almost finished painting. Place a filled reserve, were white. If desired, they can paint with a thin brush with acrylic paints.
If this is not the picture that will hang on the wall, and a handkerchief or cloth, remove the cloth of the stretcher. Trim and reinforce edges. They can be flash. Send the product to the wash at a temperature of forty degrees. Remove, let dry and your done.
How to draw on fabric