Most often the water falling iPhones whose owners have a habit of wearing them in the pockets of his pants, especially in the back. Also get and phones falling into the hands of young children. Kids at the age of 2-3 years old like to play with modern technology, the more that their parents pumped into iPhone toys and cartoons to occupy your child at least for a few minutes. Unfortunately, not all watch at the same time for Chad, which, because of curiosity or simply boredom can send a boring toy into the toilet.

Whatever it was and whatever way the iPhone 5 fell into water, the actions of the rescue must be quick, and that the goal is reduced to having to remove the device from the water, until she managed to strike the device irreparable destruction.

Fallen iPhone 5, you need to get out of the water and then turn it off, even if he continues to work as if nothing happened. In a normal phone you would advise another to take out the battery to eliminate the possibility of short samykina, iPhone task is complicated, for not dismantling the phone, this will not work. But an independent autopsy of the body, like it or not, will lead to the disappearance of the warranty. So will have to dry as it is, only removing the SIM card.

It should be remembered that a drowned iPhone in any case cannot be sent for drying in a heated oven, microwave, and even the Central heating. This way of salvation will turn into a guaranteed murder complex machinery. High temperatures and the resulting water condensation will oxidize the metal on the chips, operate a phone will never happen again. Also unlikely to make any significant effect and with a hair dryer. The hot air will hardly be able to penetrate the small openings of the iPhone, and the release and did not find the effect of this drying will be almost.

But way to dry a drowned iPhone 5 exists and it is simple as all ingenious. You should take a tight plastic bag, pour in about a pound of plain uncooked rice, bury the iPhone in grain and leave for 2-3 days.

Over time, you can turn on the phone in the hope that it will work. If this has not happened, will only take the iPhone into the Studio and hear the harsh sentence. In the best case, you will need to replace the defective parts, at worst, the instrument will have to say goodbye forever. Therefore, you should not rely on luck, its better to take all precautions against a possible fall iPhone in water.