You will need
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - the plunger;
  • - plumbing snake.
Get fallen in the toilet the item should immediately while under water pressure or flushing the next time you visit the toilet, he did not fail deeper into the pipe. Ask your relatives not to use the toilet for a while. It is also better to turn off the water in the apartment, the contents of the toilet pipe did not change its state under the influence of pressure drops in adjacent tubes. Put on long rubber gloves and try to push your arm as deep as you can. Of course, it is unpleasant, but you may not be.
In case of blockage of the toilet, use the plunger – which is available in almost every home. Install it so that its rubber part completely covers the drain. Start vigorously pumping the handle of the plunger from top to bottom. If fallen object is deep, it will start to move up along with the water and gradually will be in your field of view. Try to get it at the same time as he again went deeper into the pipe.
If the thing fails to get simply, use the methods of professional plumbers. For clearing difficult blockages and taking the fallen objects is a special cable, which are wire twisted on the end of a hook. If you do not have a professional tether, it can be made of thick enough wire bending, turning down the end of a hook. To the base of the rope you can attach a little bag of sand so that the device can be placed deep enough in the drain hole.
To use a plumbing snake better together. One person gently lowers it into the pipe, and the other at this point performs a circular motion with the cable, trying to pick up the fallen object. Most likely, the first time to get the thing will not work. Will have to wash out the cable and again try to reach the blockage. Be careful when working with wire if you have plastic pipes. You can punch the tube with a sharp end of the wire. Lower the fixture very slowly and carefully. Also make sure that the cable has been constantly tense.
If your attempts are not successful, call the house qualified plumber. The specialist will help to get the fallen object, using a variety of tools. In addition, refer to plumbing it is recommended that if the toilet fell, the largest thing impeding the flushing water.