Immediately after you notice that the phone got wet, start to act, because the moment you delay could cost your telephone life. First remove all removable items – open the cover, remove battery, remove SIM card and flash card. Take a piece of fabric that can absorb water (not synthetic) or a tissue or toilet paper and wipe everything you can, dry. If you have a cotton swab, then use them. Wipe the case inside and out.Try to collect and activate the phone. If it does not work, proceed to the next steps.
Take a Hairdryer, turn it on and dry them the phone. Carefully dry the place where is located the battery, as there are usually there are many small holes that could numb.Do not hold the dryer too close to the jet of air is hot and may ruin the phone or its internal cards, they just may melt. In addition, about the heated phone you can get burned.Continue to dry about twenty minutes, and then check whether to include telephone. If not, you'll need more complex procedures.
Use a long drying phone. Especially suitable for this method in case if the phone was soaked much, that is, completely dipped into the water. Dismantle the phone and put it in a dry place – for example, in a pile of Laundry next to dryer, etc. don't put it on the battery – so it dries faster than it should, moreover, can be damaged from excessive heat.When you put the phone to dry, put the back panel up to the water easier to evaporate. In that case, if you have a touchscreen, try to remove it – it has tiny rear cogs. Remember that no one guarantees the future performance of your phone.
If all else fails, take your phone to a service center – maybe they would agree to help you. However, in some cases, water can cause rust and short circuit, and this means that you have to replace any elements to your new phone. The problem is that sometimes this replacement is the same as a new phone of the same model.