If you saw a man drowning, do not waste time and swim to it (or call for help, if you do not know how to swim). But you can't swim in the front, rear only, or he may in a fit of panic start to cling to a rescuer, to pull him under the water. In this case, help may nahlebalsya water, and will have to save two. Swim up to the sinking from behind and pick him up under the arms or by the hair.
Turn the person face up, so he had access to the air and swim back to shore. Don't let him grab you and hold it tight so he couldn't roll over. You can float on your back, his drowning back into your belly and raking with his free hand.
To save mandrowning in a stormy river with a strong current, harder – it requires teamwork. You need to line up in a row: one rescuer standing on the shore, the second in the water holding his hand, the third goes even deeper, and so on. The chain is formed at an angle to the flow, and the last person in it can help a drowning man.
When you pull the drowning from the water, assess his condition. If it feels bad and drank of the water, put it on bent knee on belly (face downwards) so the water will come out of the lungs. Head should be hanging below your chest.
Take a piece of cloth and remove the water from Tina's mouth and nose. After that, turn the victim lay on his back and check his pulse and breathing. If the previous manipulation did not help – stopped breathing, pulse not palpable, her pupils dilated quickly start doing artificial respiration and indirect heart massage. Remember that if a person does not start breathing after a couple of minutes, he could die.
4-5 times hard and sharp pressure on the chest and do one injection of air. Per minute must be about 16 insufflations and 60-90 pressure. Remember that with a weak pulse cardiac massage cannot be carried out, otherwise it may stop. So check carefully the presence of a pulse.