After you pulled the mobile out of the water, in any case, do not turn it on until dry. Remove the battery, remove the SIM card, any memory cards, and other peripheral devices.
Carefully wipe the cell phone dry, absorbent cloth. Try to avoid excessive shaking of the phone, because water may move into deeper parts of what make the job. Wipe all accessible parts of the phone with alcohol, because alcohol displaces the well fluid, and he evaporates in a short time.
Use a vacuum cleaner, it will help to draw the liquid. Keep all the details of the phone was securely in place and not sucked into the vacuum cleaner. In any case, do not use this method the dryer, because the air flow will displace all the moisture in a secluded place that will complicate drying.
After all the steps put the phone overnight in a bowl of rice. Rice perfectly absorbs moisture, so it will easily dry your mobile phone. After you tried to dry the phone, test it by inserting the battery and turn on.