Advice 1: How to recover lost phone

If cell phone is dropped into water, do not rush to leave him there and run for new. If to take urgent measures to recover it, perhaps it will work without failure for many years.
How to recover lost phone
Remove the unit cover and disconnect the battery. After that remove SIM card and memory card. Put them out to dry at room temperature, in any case, do not try to speed up the process with a hair dryer or radiator. If the phone is dropped into water during charging (for example, dropped it in the indoor aquarium), first disconnect the charger from the mains and then remove the device from the water. If dropped in the water the device was connected to the computer, before removing it from the water disconnect the cable from the computer.
Buy a special screwdriver for disassembly of cell phones. Normal screwdrivers do not fit, they will only ruin the splines, and dismantling the device will become very difficult. Then all depends on the form factor of a mobile phone. If it's a monoblock, disassembly does not require special explanation. If before you a slider or clamshell, be sure to find in the Internet detailed and illustrated instructions for the dismantling of this model.
If the phone has been exposed to salt water, wash all parts except the display and battery with distilled water. For the apparatus, which sank in fresh water, you can skip this step. Then place all parts except display and battery, pure alcohol (vodka is not necessary) and will hold there for a few hours. Out of alcohol, let them dry, which will require the day. There is also not allowed to use Hairdryers and other heating devices.
Assemble the phone in reverse order, install a SIM card, memory card and battery. If the water was salt, the latter preferably to be replaced. Turn on the machine and verify that it works. Over the next month use of the phone you'll know exactly whether he was to malfunction or the quality of his work has not changed.

Advice 2 : To return the performance to be submersed in water phone

Anyone phone can fall in water. It is important to know how to get its apparatus life.
To return the performance to be submersed in water phone

1. Disable. After you pulled the phone out of the water, it must be switched off immediately. Otherwise, a failure is a short circuit.

You should not shake the removed device because the water can penetrate deeper into the device. If you have the ability to immediately pull the battery out of the phone, immediately do it. If this is currently impossible, simply disconnect the power supply.

If the phone is dead in the fall, it is not worth more enable to test the functionality. Now you can forget about your phone for a few days.

2. To disassemble. You need to remove all otsoedinaut of your phone: memory card, back cover, SIM card, plug the headphone Jack, etc.. the main thing is not to overdo it. Don't forget that your wet phone, you need as much air as possible, and this requires holes.

3. Vacuum. If your vacuum cleaner has a nozzle with a narrow tip, this is the time to use it. Try to remove from your phone, as much moisture as possible. It is advisable to vacuum each hole for at least 5 minutes.

If you have a nozzle, you can use a hair dryer, but the air should be cold only. Otherwise, the hot flow will damage parts of your phone.

4. Allow it to dry. Next you need to put your phone in 48 hours in a deep bowl with rice. Rice perfectly absorbs moisture. If after this time you will find on your phone wet, leave it in the rice for another 1-2 days. If we can say that he is all right, you can try to turn it on.

If you have fulfilled all the items, then most likely your phone will work.


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