Oddly enough, most of the phone falls into a Cup of tea, if in a breast pocket, or the toilet. No matter what liquid dropped the phone. More importantly, what to do with him now, because it deprives you of the warranty on the means of communication.

First and foremost, the phone fell into water or any other liquid, it is necessary to pull out and remove the battery. This is done to avoid galvanic corrosion. Sometimes the batteries are almost impossible to get. In this case, immediately contact a workshop for repair of mobile equipment.

Now, remember one rule: don't rush. The reason lies in the fragility of the phone filling, when one wrong move can make the repair impossible.

Never use a parsing tool standard screwdriver. You will only hit the slots at the notched screws that will complicate the work. You should have a special set of screwdrivers that are designed for opening the phone. They can either buy in store or on the radio or ask friends and acquaintances.

Be sure to remember or zarisovyval the location of the screws and the order of parsing of the phone. Try to find online instructions for analysis. And don't damage the ribbon cable if your phone has a slider format. All the small details better to add a separate, ensuring that you shook on the floor.

Rinse with distilled water all the parts disassembled the phone except the display. Now dry them using a radiator or in a natural way. It may take a few days. Avoid using a hair dryer. He'll just mess up your phone.

After drying, immerse all parts (except display) in a container of ethyl alcohol and hold it there for a few hours. In this respect the rules of fire safety. And then again dried. Alcohol dries much faster than water.

Now you only have to collect the phone and try to turn. If all went well, you coped with the task.