If the dog was subjected to the bite of ticks, it is crucial to provide competent help. Parasites are the worst enemies of animals, because they are almost invisible to them. For pet, the only salvation is him the owner needs to have at least a basic knowledge on the subject.

как вытащить клеща у собаки

If, however, a tick was discovered in a dog, what to do?

как убрать клещей с собаки

To detect a tick from an animal is very difficult, because he is very tiny, hidden in the thick hair on the nape, neck, head and legs. Its danger lies in the fact that prolonged his stay on the body leads to infection of the dog, suffering, disease and even death. It is important to examine the animal, comb his hair and follow hygiene.

как вывести подкожного клеща у собаки

If the dog was bitten by a tick, symptoms of its presence are detected after 5 – 6 days depending on the General health of the animal:

- the body temperature of the pet becomes critically high and may reach 40-42 degrees;
- at the bite site swells up in which there is a tick;
- an animal becomes inactive, there is a lack of appetite.

As soon as the first signs of the disease, you need to take him to the doctor, only qualified help will save an animal. The treatment takes place in two ways: complete destruction of the parasites and cleansing the body after intoxication.

The first direction is characterized by the use of medicines, including organic dyes (weiben, berenil and Aidin). Drugs are toxic, can easily destroy the mites, but it can harm the animal. So the next step is the removal of intoxication. To do this, the dog introduced a large number of vitamins, saline cleaning solutions and so on. Full recovery can take a month or more.

Preventive means against attack of mites

With parasites must not only fight, they need to skillfully defend. Tactic is not as complicated as it may seem:

In veterinary medicine developed by a variety of means "repel" ticks. These can be collars, and solutions. Quite a bit on the dog's coat to ensure that the animal was safe for 2 – 3 days. Then the procedure should again be repeated.

Regular check-UPS after the walk and the observation of the behavior of the animal to save it in 80% of cases. As soon as it was discovered the first symptoms, it is necessary to take urgent measures for the destruction of the parasite.

It is impossible to prevent infection of dogs with piroplasmosis, according to statistics, the mortality rate reaches 98% of the affected animals. Taking care of a pet is not only daily games and walks with him, but also attention to his health and mood.