You will need
  • - medicines;
  • - the vitamins;
  • - warmer.
Please consult your veterinarian. Tell your doctor about all the symptoms and problems. To start any treatment necessary only after detailed research and tests.
как лечить перелом лапы у собаки
Change the diet of your dog. It is necessary to refuse dry food which contain too many carbohydrates and starches. Do not feed your pet with potatoes, cereals, tomatoes, and eggplant because these foods can cause exacerbation of the disease. Diversify the menu of your favorite oily fish salmon fish, boiled cartilage, greens. As for canned meat, carefully study their composition. Prefer ready canned food of lean meat and poultry.
у собаки срезана кожица на грудке как лечить рану
Make sure that the dog is getting enough exercise. It can be regular walking, swimming, outdoor games on the air. The main goal of physical activity – to prevent the emergence of excess weight and help the animal to maintain flexibility. It is in any case not overwork your dog: excessive fatigue can trigger a complication.
мытье лап большой собаке
Routinely the rate of vitamin. Pick up the drug, rich in vitamin C, but not ascorbic acid in pure form. Ideal – calcium ascorbate. As a drink, offer your pet decoctions of hawthorn, nettle, Yucca root, licorice. These chemicals have pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and with regular use can delay the use of therapeutic agents.
собаку стошнило водой
After consultation with the vet, pick up the medication. One of the key drugs for treating arthritis in dogs - glucosamine. This substance is produced cartilage tissue and synovial fluid, which provides "lubrication" of the joint. The additional intake of medicines containing glucosamine (Katrien, Arthroplex, Chondroitin Sulfate, teraflex, Startit), will help restore the cartilage of joints and symptoms of arthritis.
Как лечить энтерит у собаки