Breast tumor can be single or multiple. Breast sometimes develops during pregnancy or estrus. At this time, the mammary glands increase in size, and then be the same. But at pathologies in tissues appear soft or elastic tumors, which is well palpated. When the disease of the mammary glands may ooze blood, pus or colostrum. The dog feels pain in the nipple and all the time licking. In heat or false pregnancy tumor compacted. Grows very slowly and for a long time does not change its size. Mastitis may develop due to hormonal drugs or of bad heredity.
If treatment was not conducted in a timely manner, the dog begins to lose weight, bad eating, not enough drinking. At this time, increased regional lymph nodes. Over time, the tumor becomes larger and begins to grow in the next tissue. The skin around the nipple is stretched and laid bare, as fall coat. The last stage is accompanied by the appearance of ulcers, cough. This suggests that the tumor has become malignant and start to hit the internal organs.
It is important to detect tumors in the mammary glands of the dog and conduct a full examination. In the first stages in heat is enough to visit the vet and take homeopathic medicines. In some cases, prescribed hormonal therapy. X-ray study of ultrasound and determine the stage of the disease. If the tumor is growing rapidly, it is not to do without surgical intervention. But not all dogs can reschedule the surgery. It is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver. Surgery does not always produce a result, you may receive repeated relapses.
In order to detect the disease, you need to perform regularly palpation, that is probing. Of mammary tissue located around the nipples and between them. Neoplasms represent a small pea or nodules. To thoroughly examine the dog, should the skin near the nipple to collect in the crease and it is good to examine the fingers. Pay special attention to the last pair of nipples. This is the most vulnerable place.