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  • Godfather, godmother - list of candidates


The mother and father of child have no right to be his godparents. It is worth noting that husband and wife can't be a godfather of one baby. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers and other relatives are allowed to become godfather or mother. It is recommended to take cross blood relatives. It is believed that the blood relationship becomes stronger as the recipients are the second parents of the child.

Orthodox Christians

The godfather can be a person who is an Orthodox Christian and constantly communicants in the Church. Atheists and representatives of other religious directions godparents can not be. In this case the godfather must know the creed and recite it in the process of baptism. From the godfather will require daily reading and prayer for a godson, as he is now responsible for the spiritual upbringing of the child in the future. Regular attendance of Church and education in the Christian faith is an integral part of the duties of a godfather.


Godparents can not be under the age of fourteen, because they have no spiritual experience that will be required for instruction in the right faith of the newborn.

The Ministers of the Church

Monks and nuns cannot become godparents, because these people renounced the world to devote himself to fasting, prayer and the struggle with the passions.

The number of godparents

The Christian Church spelled out that the godfather of the child should be alone, but of the same sex. If christen the boy, then a man should be. If the girl, the woman. Often the child has two godparents of the parent, but can be more. You need to realize that the smaller the godfather the little man, the responsibility these people take their responsibilities cross parent.

The absence of the godfather

If godparents are not able to attend the Baptism, the ceremony is held without them. In rare cases, allowed the procedure without the cross. In such a situation, the cross considered himself a priest, but the presence of sponsors is not considered to be mandatory.

Pregnancy and marriage

How girls and boys are eligible to be godparents or unmarried pregnant women. You should know that marriage between a godfather and those who undergo Baptism, is prohibited. As a spiritual daughter has become the wife of the godfather and the mother, who was widowed, could not become the wife for the godfather became godfather to her daughter.