You will need
  • - chamomile flowers;
  • - lemon;
  • - sage leaves;
  • - tint paint or shampoo.
To make hair color more vivid, you can use folk remedies. To refresh blonde locks, brew a strong tea of chamomile flowers, pour in a few tablespoons of lemon juice. This means rinse the hair after shampooing. Do not use citric acid on the damaged Perm or dye hair.
To achieve a light effect highlighting, you can use lemon juice. Moisten them selected strands, under the influence of direct sunlight your hair will be noticeably lighter.
To make it more bright and saturated shades of dark hair, boil two liters of water, add half a Cup of sage leaves. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth, allow broth to cool. This means rinse the hair once a week. The whole effect of these procedures will appear in about a month.
Note the semi-permanent color, they will not greatly change the color of the hair, but will give them new tone and Shine. A similar tool can be shaded and not too much gray. Particles semi-permanent color will penetrate into cracks and pores of the hair, so soft and loose hair will become more bright color, than hard and smooth. Means in the form of a cream is easier to apply, because they are distributed more evenly than liquid paint.
There are toning shampoos which in its effect similar with the same colors. Shampoo apply to clean hair two times. Wet your hair, liberally spray them with the means to work up lather, rinse. The second time, keep the shampoo on hair for three to five minutes, the longer you wash, the brighter will be the color. To save the tone, repeat this procedure after every hair wash.
On very dark hair tint paint if shampoo can be completely invisible, so the strands need to lighten up. Toners are completely harmless, because practically do not penetrate inside the hair and on its surface create an ink film. This film is washed off quickly, and does not create a visible split hair on dyed and natural.
Coloring shampoos and dyes have medicinal properties. It smoothes and restores the hair structure, making them more silky and shiny, soft and manageable. If you have recently died or permed your hair before using a toning dye or shampoo, wait two weeks, otherwise the color may be unevenly distributed.