You will need
  • -conditioner;
  • any resistant paint
If you want to experiment and find out, will the red color of the hair that you use conditioner. As a rule, toning balsams affordable price, packing enough for two or three times. Their dignity - in the absence of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, harmful to the health of the hair. On average this unstable paint stays on the hair for 2-3 weeks, some marks less, some longer.In fact for a week the paint will gradually begin to slip away, to become less intense, and then completely change color. You will either have to tint the hair, or wait until the paint is completely washed away. But this does not necessarily happen quickly. Do not forget about growing the roots.
There are also resistant paint different shades of red. When choosing paint, look for a professional advice, and reviews have experienced it myself and women, not on advertising. Keep in mind that, regardless of the shade of the paint itself, the final result will depend on your source data. If you are a blonde, after painting you can get scarlet, brightred color of the hair. If you're brunette, then dye may not be noticeable on your hair, but only to pee brown or Burgundy. So when the original dark shade of hair will have to pre-lighten.On a serious daring experiments with hair, it is better to go to a good salon. Find a specialist with positive reviews, whom you trust. So you can not be afraid that instead of the red colorand you will get some other unexpected shade. This is especially true if you have colored hair - in the re-painting may lie unevenly.
Some women hope to get the hair of the red colorand with the help of natural remedies and mistakenly believe that this will help them a red henna. In fact, this natural dye will give your hair rather reddish, copper colour. Henna stays on the hair for a long time and it is poorly placed normal resistant paint - keep that in mind.