Than to paint the eyebrows

Women often like to tint the hair and simultaneously use this same paint to paint the eyebrows, wanting to obtain a natural and harmonious tone. However, this is categorically not because of the hair dye contain strong substances that can cause irritation to the delicate skin of the face. In addition, the eyebrow hairs differ from hair more thin and fragile structure, so staining is necessary to use a less aggressive dyes.

Do not buy for eyebrows cheap special paint, since its composition may contain harmful chemicals.

Usually paint for eyebrows is black and brown. If desired, one can find other shades, but these two basic colors are enough to obtain the natural look of the eyebrows or eyelashes. Black paint is more suitable for brunettes, whereas brown shade perfect for blondes. To achieve the desired colors by adjusting the exposure time of the paint on the eyebrows to shade was richer, or Vice versa, lighter.

How to paint eyebrows

In the packaging of paint for eyebrows are the bags with the dye and the oxidant, which you need to squeeze in a plastic or ceramic Cup (the iron cannot be used) and stir thoroughly to a uniform consistency. The area around the eyebrows before applying it is necessary to grease fat cream, and then paint in a small amount can be applied to eyebrows with a cotton swab or special brush.

When applying the paint on the eyebrows need to be carefully monitored so that it does not get into the eyes, draining the treated sites.

The exposure time of the paint on the eyebrows should be from 5 to 25 minutes depending on the intensity of the desired shade. Then paint to gently wash with warm water and remove residue using fatty cream or soap. Remember that the eyebrows before painting it is impossible to pluck, and it is desirable to conduct an Allergy test by dropping a bit of paint onto the crease of the elbow. If the Allergy is still found, do not worry – brows can be easily and safely tint proof cosmetic pencil will not harm the hairs. The procedure for eyebrows can be quickly and accurately performed in any salon of professional cosmetologists, turning subtle and imperceptible eyebrows into a work of art only half an hour.