Home or salon?

If you often dye your hair yourself using the latest paint, you will likely be able to achieve a decent effect with minor highlighting, but it is a very time consuming process, so it is better to implement it in a good salon.

Fine weave suitable for women with any shade of hair from very light to brown. With this highlighting can completely transform even an ordinary haircut. This is particularly effective type of highlighting looks great on short hair.

For this procedure, use the special cap with holes for short and medium hair and knives in foil for long. The classical method is considered to be the highlights using the cap, sometimes called "feathers". In hole pull thin strands, using special inks are clarified, then (do not remove cap) hair is washed, avoiding getting paint on the main part of hair. This method is best suited to owners of short and thin hair.

Highlighting for thin long hair use a plate foil. First, the strands stand out with the tail comb, they are placed on special plates foil, separating from the main mass of hair, dyed, and then the foil is wrapped neatly, this allows you to save from the effects of paint of the neighboring strands. This method of dyeing is considered safe and is best suited for long hair.

After dyeing

After the procedure, highlighting many masters recommend toning hair, it softens the sharp transitions between the main a natural hair color and the bleached strands. Best hair tinted a few days after dyeing, so they have time to relax.

The weave is fairly gentle, especially compared to a full painting. However, it is necessary to observe some precautions so as not to harm their hair. It is not necessary to do highlights too often or abruptly change the tone in contrast. You must use specialized shampoos and conditioners for colored and highlighted hair. And between a weave and a Perm must go through at least a month to get the hair did not suffer from negative influences.

Well made fine weave gives the effect of sun-bleached hair that looks very attractive. In addition, it allows you to experiment a little with his looks those who are afraid of radical changes.