Delivered to paint black hairs due to the property of a pigment black ink to penetrate deep into the structure of the hair. The darker the paint, the harder it will be to remove. Before to be painted in another color, you will need to bleach hairs. This process is lengthy and not the best way affects the health of the hair and their appearance. Bleaching always leads to a weakening of hair, because in order to evenly remove the paint along the entire length, it is necessary to conduct several procedures. After 2-3 otbelivanie structure of hair changes – they become significantly thinner and more brittle.
To wash off the black paint of the house is useless, grooming is expensive. In specialized stores for professional hairdressers you can buy a special remover, can try to bleach hairs independently, but in this case, there is a risk that you simply will burn.
In that case, if you are determined, keep in mind that water is of two types. The most dangerous is ammonia, the use of bleaching powder in home hopelessly spoil the hair. More gentle – shampoo, but it washes off much worse and at best your hair, you will acquire a brown or chocolate color.
Other ways of lightening black hair will use homemade nourishing masks and active dandruff shampoo. With their help, with frequent use, the black pigment can be partially washed off, and after a month and a half, the black color will fade and acquire a brown hue. This method is longer than the wash, but will save hairyou.
Shaded black hairs without clarification you will never succeed, so don't even try – don't waste your money. Recommend you to go to the salon, to a professional. Do not agree to the use of blunderbuses washing, it is not effective, but the hairyou will mess it up. Leading manufacturers offer an acid wash, it damages hairs to a lesser extent, though more expensive. Refer to the master who already has experience of such procedures.
Osvetli hairs, you can paint them into any other chosen color. Only give this period special attention to the hairam, do restorative and nourishing mask, because they have this kind of stress, as a clarification.