Method # 1 To "Hide"
Curl the hair a little necesite them and sprinkle with varnish. In this case the roots will be underneath the fleece, and will be hidden from prying eyes. You can make several variations of this hairstyle:
- if you have short bangs, get her on the forehead, it will hide the roots in the front. Strands at the temples curl in the direction of the person, in this case the roots on the temples will also be hidden. The final version of the hair are laid in the form of a cap;
- if the fringe is missing, curl, necesite and style, as mentioned above. On the head put on the bandage so that the hairline on the forehead and the temples were closed. Depending on which dressing you choose, this option is perfect not only for walking in cool weather, but for an evening out.
Method # 2 "Masquerade"
Parting zigzags. In this case, your hair will look like a streaked.
Method # 3"benefit"
Make a fashionable braid, for example, the so-called French. Begin to braid from the center of the forehead. For the base of the braids at the hairline, take three strands, begin to consistently impose extreme strands on the center, picking up strands on each side. The wider strands you pick up, the larger it turns out the weave. Complete weave a simple braid, secure with rubber band. French braid falls on the head, and the roots of the hair form a background for the spit. Because KOs does not merge into the background, the whole hairstyle looks very beautiful and sometimes looks even more advantageous than the braid, woven evenly the painted the hair.
Method # 4 "Easy to escape"
If the hair has no time, use a hat. Handkerchief, bandana or baseball cap is suitable not only for street but also for the room.
Method # 5 "to Show everyone how beautiful you are"
Finally, following the example of some Hollywood stars: drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten dunst - take your regrown roots as a given and play them, undeterred. Drew Barrymore, for example, is so adorable wearing his regrown after bleaching hair that fashion magazines started talking seriously about fashion on the regrown hair roots.