You will need
  • Hair dye, oxidizer, gloves, clamps, hair clips, brush for painting, water.
There is a misconception that to dye my hair ashy color can only be blonde. In fact, natural light brown and even dark brown hair respond well to the ash color. More cautious should be those who have already dyed hair in red or brown color. Instead ash can get green or purple. So brunettes and brown are recommended when painting on ash to do a wash and hair from the previous color.
To give hair an ashy hue get a special permanent paint. Prepare the dye as recommended in the instructions. Now armed with a brush for painting and distribute the pigment evenly over the entire length of hair. Start staining from the top, separating strand by strand. Then go to the back and further down. Follow the staining of the lateral strands. Temporal, frontal strands and bangs in the paint last. Soak the dye on hair for the prescribed time, rinse and shampoo your hair. After that apply conditioner.
Note that the staining is bad for the condition of the hair: they become dull and lifeless. So for a month before staining spend intensive therapy: do different moisturizing mask for hair and use the healing balm. So, hair will be prepared for painting.
Some time after coloring gray color can give a yellowish tint. To prevent this, use a toning shampoo for grey hair. Toners also help to eliminate green shade obtained after dyeing. Often one rendering procedure will not solve the problem. However, the course of treatment with a toning shampoo will permanently remove the yellowing and other undesirable color.
The first time it is recommended to perform staining in gray color with a specialist to learn all the details of the procedure. Professionals recommend to perform hair lamination after painting them in gray color. This procedure will allow you to maintain a beautiful shade for a long time: up to three months or more. If you have dark hair, it is recommended to make a clarification. Apply a lightening product on hair on all length, but the roots have not yet touch. Keep the bleach for half an hour, and after that apply it on your roots and comb through hair with comb from roots to ends. After 20 minutes wash the hair with shampoo. Do lightening just for dirty hair.
About a month after coloring the hair roots is already noticeably growing back. Then it becomes a visible difference between the shades. Repeat the staining procedure. But this time you want to paint only the roots. Use paint the same color and please note that now you need to dye natural hair. Therefore, the tone can still vary, if you did the dyeing of the bleached hair. In this situation, you need to repeat the procedure of clarification. And then to paint the roots in a light tone.
Because of the constant chemical exposure gray hair requires special care. Be sure to use a vitamin mask to nourish hair, wash your hair only with soft water and rinse with extracts of useful plants.