Possible causes of itching

The skin on his knees is quite sensitive. This applies particularly to the back of the knees, where it is in its structure and density similar to the skin of the eyelids.

A common cause of severe itching in the knee region can be any skin disease. In this case, itching is accompanied with rashes and redness. Dermatitis is the most common infectious disease that affects and feet and other body parts.

Causes symptoms of dermatitis

Atomic dermatitis is a simple skin Allergy. This is a severe skin inflammation with chronic. Also dermatitis can be the consequence of a severe allergic reaction. There are several factors that can cause development of this disease. It various physical stimuli, chemical, so-called obligate stimuli, which include the constant friction of the skin, a contact of the bare skin of his knees with some species of plants.

In addition to the stimuli, a greater role in the development of dermatitis genetic predisposition plays and not following the rules of hygiene.


It is often Allergy cause itchy knee or the skin around it. Causes Allergy symptoms in the knee the wrong hygiene products and washing powder. An allergic reaction in different ways. Known the signs of Allergy – spot, intense itching, peeling, rash. The appearance of similar symptoms it is necessary to find out the cause of these manifestations, turning to the specialist.


Many foods cause an allergic reaction. In most cases, food allergies affects children of different ages. Often even babies have peel knees. This is a clear indication of Allergy is typical for kids on artificial feeding. At the slightest rash or flaking on the knees of the child is necessary to abolish the type of the mixture. Also need to consult a doctor — pediatrician.


Another cause of itching in the knees – clothing. Materials with synthetic fibers, prickly woolen things, close things with all kinds of accents in the knees, fastened with the inner side of metal studs – all of which can be the cause of itching in the knee region.

Synthetic additives are included in different kinds of fabrics, capable of provoking severe allergic reactions. Even ordinary tights can cause rashes and severe itching in the knee region.

Of course, the causes of itching on the knees may be different, but to identify these causes, diagnose and prescribe treatment a qualified specialist – a dermatologist or allergist.