You will need
  • - medications;
  • - warming ointment;
  • - concoctions;
  • - alcohol;
  • - cold;
  • - dry heat.
Large hematoma should be treated under medical supervision, therefore, immediately after an injury, visit a surgeon. If the hospital is closed, contact the emergency room. After inspection, the specialist will prescribe optimally suitable treatment. Sometimes the accumulated blood removed surgically, but this should not scare you.
Take all prescribed medications, apply ointments and go to physiotherapy if the doctor gave the direction. To self-medicate large hematomas is highly undesirable, since the blood can't dissolve.
As you progress through the bruising is possible to resort to auxiliary measures, but this does not negate the primary treatment. Spend warming up bruised place an electric heating pad, hot water bottle or hot salt, wrapped in a thick cloth. In the first days after blow dry heat is contraindicated.
Also from the residual effects can be removed with warming ointments. You can use any balm that contains oil of eucalyptus or fir. RUB the sore spot several times a day.
Make a compress of concoctions. Grind 2-3 tablespoons of raw materials, add as much boiled water. Put the mass on the site of hematoma, top cover with cellophane and a towel. Lock and hold for a few hours.
Instead concoctions can use rubbing alcohol. They soak a rag and apply to the bruise, insulated plastic pouch. Keep 20-40 minutes, no more, otherwise the skin will become dry.