You will need
  • - the application form of the Department of social protection;
  • - copy of birth certificate of the child;
  • - copy of passport with registration at the place of residence;
  • - account number in Sberbank.
The Governor's payment of another lump sum at birth is popularly called because in every region of Russia in the amount of various. Terms of issue of such payments also differ. There are regions in Russia that do not pay at all the Governor's allowance.
To know does your region Governor's payment at birth of the child, on what terms, what it will amount to – should visit the Department of social protection of the population of the district, where registered parents of the newborn, and get answers to their questions.
As mentioned above, the terms of payment of the Governor's benefits in different regions of Russia is different. They are paid for each child born, to the second and subsequent, somewhere in the third and subsequent. If the payment you are entitled to, you will need to bring to the Management of social protection of the population a complete package of documents for the payment of Governor allowances.
The package of documents on regional payment includes a statement from the mother (or father if he is the sole carer of the child) on the head, which controls the Department of social protection where you go. The statement must specify the method of receiving payment that you will be satisfied by cash, card or personal savings account in the savings Bank.
Also attach a photocopy of the birth certificate of the child, a copy of your passport, a copy of the page where the residence permit. If you have indicated in your statement that you would like to receive benefits in the form of cash, attach a copy of the account number in the Bank.
After submission of documents to the Department of social protection of the population, your application will be considered within 10 days. After this period you will contribute to the database of recipients of regional support. Or you will receive written notice by mail to refuse to pay stating the reasons why the benefit is you are not supposed to.