You will need
  • - passport;
  • - diploma;
  • the student's card;
  • - money to pay for the manufacture of a pass.
Select which of the library building you prefer to obtain the library card. You can do it in Moscow at ulitsa Vozdvizhenka, 3/5, or in Khimki, a branch of the library street Library, 15. This document will be valid in both branches of the library.
Come to one of the offices of the library during business hours. They last from nine to eight PM on weekdays and from nine to seven on Saturday. Sunday the library is closed.
Bring necessary documents - passport, student ID or student record book, a diploma of education. The ID must be a domicile registration stamp. Foreign nationals except the originals will have to submit another translation of documents into Russian language, certified by an official translator or a notary public.
Contact the administrator at the entrance to the library and ask where you can obtain the library card. For permanent document you will need to take a picture. The is done on the spot using a special apparatus. Its cost is included in the total amount charged for registration of a library card.
After making a ticket pay the cost. In 2012, she is 100 rubles. With the help of this card with your photo you can go to the library that day, when we were doing the paperwork.