You will need
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • documents from the place of work or study;
  • documents from the registry office about a birth of the child.
Provide to the regional Department of social insurance Fund of the documents, giving the right to receive a lump sum payment on the birth or adoption of a child. A statement of the purpose of the payment you will be asked to fill in the office of the FSS directly at the time of registration.
Need help – on the birth of a child, issued by the Registrar, and the document of employment of the other parent confirming that the manual he was not appointed. If assignment of payment is carried out by the authority of social protection of the population, will need an extract from a military card, employment record, other proof of last place of study or work.
Please be a extract from the decision about establishment of guardianship over the child, if they are surrogate parents face. You may need a copy of an identity document, where there is a mark on the issuance of residence permit or copy of the certificate of the refugee.
When applying for benefits at the place of residence, actual residence will require a certificate from the social protection agencies at the place of residence that benefit was not imposed and paid.
All documents are available for review attach copies. The documents can be sent to the FSS in the mail. Persons without jobs, can apply for payment to the social insurance Fund at the place of stay and residence; in some cases the design is available in MFC or online.