You will need
  • - wooden sticks;
  • - old clothes;
  • filler (straw, polyester, cotton);
  • disks, plastic bags, balloons, thread.
  • needle.
Make the base of the Scarecrow. Take the pole a little more human growth. Secure it cross the bar, get a cross. It is the skeleton of the Scarecrow. If you sharpen one end of the pole, it can be stuck in the ground in the spot where more birds are operating. But if you want to go a more complicated way, then you should make a hard metal base with bearings. Stuffed set on this basis will be able to rotate. In this hands – plywood blade will serve as a weathervane and rotate the Scarecrow in the wind.
Make the Scarecrow's head. Take a cotton cloth and pitch of her bag. Instead of fabric use a light package. Future stuff the head with straw or batting. Tie the bag and secure it on the pole. Instead of eyes, glue a small computer disks or sew a large shiny buttons. Catching the sun's rays, eyes will sparkle. Draw a mouth with a crayon, permanent marker or sew with dark thread. Nagabuchi on the head of the effigy of the old Panama or hat, and hair - cut into long strips dark bag rustling.
Pitch stuffed body. Take old clothes, preferably lightweight. Insert the crossbar into the sleeves, fasten the buttons and stuff it with straw or batting. Don't forget to tie to the filler fell out. When an outfit consists of two pieces (shirt and pants), they should be hard to sew between a thick thread. If this is not done when rain or wind effigy is likely to remain without pants.
Instead of hands, bind to a transverse bar filled with filler gloves. Turning to the Scarecrow saw out of plywood large hands.
If you want to make a scary Scarecrow, you can hang it on the bundles of feathers from captured birds. If scared means good, give him bright balloons or Christmas-tree tinsel.
In addition to the stuffed mount on trees with a small soft toy with bright eyes buttons. Birds think in the branches of a hiding cat and flies around the trees with delicious berries side.