How to ward off pigeons

First of all, please note that you do not lure the pigeons do your homework. If so, you just need to clean the feeder with grain and poultry will cease to sit on your windowsill.

Pigeons can attract entirely different reasons. Get rid of the birds in this case will help a wide strip of foil for baking food (sold in special rolls). Make her a kind of fringe: cut one edge of the thin strip, and the other, a, clip on the window sill. The foil will develop in the wind, rustling and shining in the sun, which will scare away the pigeons.

Empty tin cans

To ward off birds from your balcony or window sill is possible and in this way: take a few empty cans from beer or soda and hang them near window sill or near a balcony of the visor. Wind jars will bump into each other and produce a characteristic sharp enough sound that would scare the pigeons and, most likely, they will cease to sit on your window.

The toy in the role of Scarecrow

Take an old soft toy with glass eyes and secure it, for example, using conventional wire on the visor balcony or windowsill. In the sun the eye of the Scarecrow will brightly Shine, which again will prevent the pigeons sit on the window sill. It is no wonder that it is the most effective Scarecrow a Scarecrow in villages or suburban areas.

Silver paint, sheet metal or thin fishing line

If the above methods do not help to ward off pigeons, try the following variant: as a rule, outside on the kitchen sill window set plum of galvanized iron. Paint them with silver to brightly shone the sun, or install additional sheet metal at an angle to the window, the birds feet will slip off the smooth surface of the sheet and they will not be able to get on your windowsill.

You can also use a simpler method is to stretch a thin strong line along the sill at a height of 5 to 15 cm in 3-4 rows. Visually it will not be visible, but will prevent the pigeons sit on the window.

Store fixtures

Buy in-store special ultrasonic repeller. As the name implies, this device produces unpleasant for birds sounds. And most importantly - effectively repels not only pigeons, but sparrows, thrushes, starlings, crows and other birds that might fancy your window or balcony.