Purchase bio-acoustic pest repeller LS-2001, producing scaring birds using sound generator. The sounds of a repeller similar to the cries of birds of prey, such as hawks, eagles, falcons and owls made by them during the hunt. The device is effective against sparrows, crows, thrushes, pigeons, starlings and some other birds.
как отвадить кошек с грядок
You can also solve this problem using any means available. Stop to feed them. If tenants of the apartment, on the balcony of which was occupied by the pigeons, do not, specify a similar moment from the neighbors. It is possible that they have on the windowsill is a bird feeder.
что делать если кошка гадит в углы
Cover the window sill, which is so fond of pigeons, something brilliant. For example, foil for baking. With one edge cut the foil fringe, and the second edge attach to the window sill. Another way of brightening the window sill - painting with silver.
как отвадить бездомных собак от огорода
You can scare pigeons of different ribbons, fluttering in the wind. Well for this approach magnetic tape from cassettes and reels. Tension along the perimeter of the sill or balcony of the rope (fishing line) to fix her segments tapes. This ornament glistens in the sun and rustles in the wind, and scares away the pigeons.
купить голубей
In the end, buy an artificial crow, and secure it on the balcony. As you know, doves with ravens common language, not find, do not get along. So the pigeons will not fly there where there is a crow.
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Cut plastic equal strips, attach them to a stick so that when the slightest wind strips trembled, uttering a sound. Or assemble plastic strips turntable. Manufactured device is install in the place of the gathering pigeons. It is unlikely they will like this ratchet or spinner and, most likely, they will leave and not return.