Advice 1: How many kg you can lose weight in a week

Feels good is one whose optimum weight. But sometimes it so happens that, yielding to temptation, man gradually gorge on either weight, and then thinking of how to get rid of them. And I want to lose weight quickly and for the maximum number of kilograms. Especially often dream of women, who suddenly find that favorite dress, long provisevshy in the closet, suddenly the "village" or "suddenly" started the bathing season and bathing suit sits perfectly. The question arises: how much is the maximum you can lose weight in a week?
How many kg you can lose weight in a week
Considered normal, if weight is reduced not more than 1-1,5 pounds a 7 days. This is achieved with a balanced diet, not a critical decrease of quantity of consumed carbohydrate, reasonable physical exercise.

How to quickly lose more pounds

But 1 kilogram a week is almost nothing! Unfortunately, many such a slow paced weight loss is not satisfied, and begins experiments with rigid diets or starvation. For example, if you eat nothing, only drink water with lemon during the week, you can lose up to 10 pounds. Many it is inspiring. However, these pounds easily return for 2-3 days, going to their normal diet or even on light weight. The fact that experienced stress in the absence of food, the body began to stock up, as soon as food begins to flow into the body. And what under normal conditions would not lead to excess body fat, after the fast is postponed for the waist and hips to the displeasure of losing weight.

You can, of course, not to starve, and choose a strict diet. They know a lot: Apple, kefir, buckwheat, protein, etc. But they will not benefit the body. To keep them no more than 4-5 days off at the same up to 5 kg. It should also be remembered that this weight loss comes from loss of body fluid and muscle mass, and therefore harm him more than benefit.

If, despite all the disadvantages, the person solved on a strict diet or starvation, he should observe a number of conditions.

Rules quick weight loss

First you need to prepare your body for this diet, simply put, to clean the intestines. This can be done by enema or other means. If you ignore this condition, in the absence of adequate nutrition, the body will look for other sources of energy and switch to the processing derived waste products, infected by the toxins.

If you choose fasting, you should remember that you need to sign in and out of this extreme regime. Each of these stages should be twice longer than the starvation. So if a person decided to starve for a week, then 2 weeks he will go to the preliminary training, when he will gradually reduce the amount of food consumed and its caloric content, and 2 weeks need body to smoothly return to a normal diet. So, weekly fasting will result in a diet longer than a month.

It is impossible to adhere to the strict diet for longer than 5-6 days, otherwise you can get health problems, compared to which a little extra weight will seem like nothing.

And, of course, it is best to adjust the weight of his body from time to time, but regularly choosing the right diet, leading an active lifestyle, avoiding stress, loving and cherishing my body.

Advice 2: How many kilos can you lose weight in a week

Girls and women suffering from excess weight, trying to get rid of it as soon as possible. They use diet, exercise. On average, women are able to lose per week is about 2-3 pounds.
How many kilos can you lose weight in a week

Weight loss after a diet

Surely every woman who has tried to lose weight repeatedly asked myself the question, how many kilos you can lose weight in one week. The answer to this question has two sides. One side is how much you can actually lose weight in a week. And the second is how you can lose weight in a week without compromising your health.

Quick weight reduction, as you promised today a lot of advertisements, can lead to significant health problems. This is a violation of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, and more. Because the weight loss the body is perceived as a stress, so to throw off those extra pounds have slowly. Rapid weight loss very harmful to the body.
Pounds, which will go very fast, quick and go back, and maybe there will be more than to weight loss.

Weight loss depends on how much you have in the body extra pounds. The more body mass a person has, the faster he gets rid. More slender girls in a week lose about 1 kg, and those who better can lose weight even by 5 kg.

Is it possible to make so that the extra weight did not come back?

Wouldn't it be great to lose weight in a week, once and on all life. But actually, lose weight quickly, perhaps only in the first week. But it takes not only fat cells, this is mainly due to fluid loss. However, in time the weight will go not so quickly. The best indicator of weight loss per week without compromising health is 1 kg per week. And it will not be loss of fluid or muscle, you will lose fat. You can lose weight not only through exhausting diets, diets, one-day, you can lose weight, just a little rebuilding your meals.
This will need to consume in a larger amount of certain foods that contribute to weight loss.

To throw for a week a couple of kilos of excess weight, you must eat foods that are rich in protein. It's fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of lean meat, fish. Bread and cereals should be whole grains. Limit sugar and white flour. At least three times per week engage in physical exercises as this will speed up your metabolism, increase the body's ability to burn calories.

Also a necessary requirement for weight loss is counting calories. Pick foods so that you will not feel it during the day hunger. Divide the number of calories consumed at equal intervals of time. In any case, do not snack.

If you follow all of the rules, you'll throw all your extra pounds in a week or a few weeks. And if you have extra pounds, fruit and water diet will help you maintain your figure in shape.
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