If you want to bring the figure in order to an important event, it is possible to resort to emergency measures. In this case, will help a strict diet. You need to use for 10 days only protein foods with a small inclusion of carbohydrates to give up fatty, sweet, fried, and starchy foods. 10 days 10 kg on this diet to lose it is really.

Weight gone will be not as much fat and water that has accumulated in the tissues. But the belly and hips will shrink, the figure will look nicer. If after the diet and return to normal lifestyle, the weight will come back in a few days and can become larger than before.

Fasting for curvy ladies

To lose 10 pounds in 10-12 days can be provided initially to the large weight. In order to lose weight in such a short time, have to starve. Conduct fasting is necessary only under medical supervision.

A week before the start of the hunger strike should begin to prepare your body. Should be gradually excluded from the diet flour, sweet, fatty foods. For a day or two before refusing to eat food you can drink only water, juices and herbal teas.

Fasting is of two types: dry and with the use of water. Better for weight loss use water fasting. To lose ten kg should not eat 5-10 days.

The first time it can be an ordeal, then you should reduce the number of days without food. Out of starvation should gradually, the first two days, drink only juices and infusions of herbs, then slowly include healthy foods. The weight never came back, sweet, flour, fried to exclude from the diet at all or eat only on holidays.

How to lose weight on 10 kg is safe?

The safest ways to lose weight – the long. To lose 10 kg correctly, without harming health, you need to change your way of life. Must love healthy food and exercise.

First you need to replace all harmful products in the diet:

instead of fatty meat to eat fish and chicken breast;
instead of sweet baked goods to eat bitter chocolate, marshmallows and fruit;
- sugar in tea and coffee to replace the fructose or at all without it;
- roasted vegetables change to cooked or raw.

Physical education should do three times a week, it is recommended to visit the pool, book a massage. It not only helps to create beautiful body but also get rid of cellulite. Pamper yourself and SPA treatments: body wraps, sauna, herbal baths very effective. With this approach, the weight will go for 4-8 weeks.

Knowing the different ways on how to lose 10 kg, you have to choose the appropriate one. Better not risk your health and use emergency methods only in exceptional cases.