Drinking diet for a week

There is one of the most simple but also the most stringent of diets, the essence of which is that permitted only drinking diet. The main component of the diet is pure water, besides which the day is allowed to consume a liter of liquid food. As such, serve fresh juices, vegetable broths, dairy products low in fat. To withstand such a diet is, because of hunger she eliminates. It's also hard to call it balanced or useful.
Do not expect that such starvation the body will break down exactly 7 lbs of fat. Main weight loss will be achieved by the excess interstitial fluid and release of the intestine from toxins.

Protein diet where you can lose weight in a week

This technique is quite popular and requires no special knowledge or sending SMS for free menu. During the week you are allowed to eat 1 egg for Breakfast, 100 g of boiled poultry without the skin for lunch and a Cup of yogurt for dinner. A side effect of this diet - problems with a chair, coming from lack in the diet of fiber. Also it is not suitable for people with kidney disease, which may worsen due to the abundance of the protein.
It should be remembered that the impact of diet is largely dependent on metabolic rate, because the exact warranty that will take exactly this number of pounds, do not give any nutritionist.

Diet on kefir and buckwheat

In order to lose weight by 7 kilogram, it is necessary to eat only buckwheat porridge, cooked without sugar or salt, and yogurt. The day you can drink unlimited amounts of yogurt and eat three servings of buckwheat. To get out of this diet should be gradual, not lashing out at fat or heavy meal, and in a few days adding to the menu of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats.

What else should be considered

Regardless of what diet for weight loss prefer, you need to understand that such a dramatic weight loss very harmful for health. And most likely the first chance the body will try to compensate for the loss as the return to previous food. Because it is much safer to part with the pounds gradually, not choosing low-calorie diets, and proper nutrition and exercise. If I had to lose weight so fast is very necessary, in parallel it is desirable to take vitamin complexes, which at least partially compensate for the lack of necessary health elements.