You will need
  • - buckwheat;
  • fish;
  • - yogurt;
  • - fruits;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • green tea;
  • - black bread.
Consider your verdict, as the doctors still recommended not to go to such extremes, especially if your weight is not so far from the norm. The fact that the diets which are necessary for weight loss fastest way is quite tough and tedious, and any deviation from the strict recipe face the fact that all the work will go down the drain. In addition, following the rapid diet, the body will lose more fluids, not fat. So if you manage to lose 7 days 10 kg, most likely, they just as quickly get back to you within the next week.
If you do decide to follow a diet designed for fast getting rid of 10 pounds, try during the week to eat lean boiled fish. Salt it is impossible, but you can add a little lemon juice and black pepper. It can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but to overeat is still not worth it. The seven-day fish diet allows for the ingestion and other products. For example, for Breakfast eat 100 g low-fat cottage cheese with fruit, at lunch – any single fruit and vegetable salad, and for dinner – 2 slices of black bread. After 18.00 until morning only drink water or 1 Cup of yogurt.
Fans of buckwheat suggest within 7 days to comply with the buckwheat diet. However, this would require willpower, because practically your entire diet will consist of this cereal. At night pour 1 Cup of washed grits 2 cups boiling water and cover. The next morning preheat the resulting buckwheat porridge in the microwave and eat it without the sauces, salt and spices throughout the day with yogurt or unsweetened green tea. As snacks you can afford an Apple.