The first day
Planning to throw off the weight for a week, spend a kind of preparation for the diet – fasting day. Eat only fruits and vegetables (except potatoes, bananas and grapes). Drink plenty of clean drinking water and green tea.
Menu second day dialysate: 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, filled a glass of warm milk.Dinner: a light fish soup, boiled rice with vegetables. Compote of dried fruits.Dinner: salad of grated carrots dressed with a small amount of olive oil or a serving of boiled cauliflower. Green tea with a teaspoon of honey.
Menu of the third day dialysate: oatmeal on the water with pieces of fresh fruit. A Cup of any freshly squeezed juice or green tea.Lunch: vegetable soup, one boiled egg and a side of boiled green beans.Dinner: serving of fruit salad with low-fat yogurt.
Menu of the fourth day dialysate: scrambled eggs, green tea.Lunch: serving of easy chicken broth with greens, 150 grams of boiled beef or chicken breast, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with a small amount of olive oil.Dinner: salad of beets, carrots and cabbage with vegetable oil.
Menu fifth day dialysate: cereal, fruit, small piece of cheese.Lunch: light soup with vegetables and greens, a serving of boiled cauliflower with spices. Green tea with honey.Dinner: any fruit except bananas and grapes.
Menu the sixth day dialysate: oatmeal with milk, tea.Lunch: soup with low-fat varieties of fish with herbs, a serving of boiled rice, 150 grams of boiled fish.Dinner: seaweed salad, dressed with a small amount of vegetable oil, boiled egg. Green tea.
Menu seventh-day dialysate: low-fat yogurt, green tea with honey.Lunch: rice soup with vegetables and herbs, and cheese casserole. Compote of dried fruits.Dinner: 200 grams of skim cottage cheese, a Cup of yogurt.