To lose weight quickly without harm to health impossible weight loss more than 0.8-1 kg per week or more than 3-4 kg in a month can cause harm, which in this period is stress. It will definitely affect the health and appearance. Therefore, the diet for a week, 10 days is inappropriate. Adipose tissue does not disappear in such a short time, a sharp restriction in the diet will lead only to empty the stomach and colon, care excess fluid. With a strong desire to lose weight in a month you can lose 10-15 pounds, but this will inevitably lead to problems with the digestive tract, thyroid gland, metabolism, nervous system, exacerbation of chronic diseases.
The world health organization (who) recommends limiting weight loss for weight loss for women up to 2 kg and for men up to 4 pounds per month. Much depends on the initial mass of the body, as the conditional loss of 4 kg for those who weigh 120 kg, and for those who weighs 70, has different implications. Doctors recommend to start from the initial weight in a month is allowed to drop to 4-5% of the initial body weight. If the weight is reduced faster, need to review method of weight loss. Such rate indicates the loss of not only fat, but water, muscle mass, and this can trigger the development of pathologies.
Nutritionists recommend a simple way to lose weight without introducing too stringent constraints. It is based on a negative caloric balance, its essence lies in the fact that the nutritional value of the daily diet must be less than the amount of energy spent for the day. The process of weight loss needs to be thoughtful and literate. Calculate the daily number of calories necessary for life, including sex, height, age, initial body mass. Consider the daily caloric food intake, the number of contained proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and ensure that their number does not exceed the norm. This can be done by using special online calculators.
Reduce your calorie intake by 200-300 per day and increase physical activity, allowing to spend 200-300 calories. The body will have a deficit in the amount of 400-600 calories and start to expend the accumulated fat, as a result, the process of weight loss will pass without the appearance of health problems. Such power system is comfortable to the body, it can be maintained for a long period of time. This mode will quickly become familiar and will allow you to lose weight without much effort and harm to health.