Please note that the opportunity to lose weight in a week 7 kg there is only a certain type of people. First, are those whose weight is significantly (20-30 kg) exceeds the rate specific to the current age and growth of the body. Secondly, this may include people who for any reason has quickly gained weight, although birth were not obese, for example, because of illness, pregnancy, hormonal drugs or the appearance of permanent habits of overeating. Other groups of people to achieve such a result in the short term will not succeed.
To lose 7 kg per week, you need to completely revise your diet and feeding schedule. It is best to temporarily go on a juice diet. For Breakfast a good fit 1-2 oranges or orange juice. After 2-3 hours, eat 1-2 bananas as a second Breakfast. At lunch, prepare a vegetable salad a few fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with vegetable oil. To taste you can add radish, onions and greens. For a snack eat an Apple or a pear. For dinner you can prepare fruit salad with oranges, kiwi, apples, peaches, low-fat yogurt Bay. Such a diet well relieve the body, will be stagnant harmful substances and significantly reduce body fat.
It is impossible to lose 7 pounds in a week without serious physical exercise. If you have not played sports before starting a diet and exercise program should be to prepare the body. Within a few days, make morning and evening runs, adding a small charge to heat up and strengthen the muscles. Also make a workout plan for a week for which you want to lose weight.
For quick weight loss it is better to go to the gym. 1-2 times daily exercise on the treadmill at a moderate pace, trying daily to increase the distance and slightly to increase the load. In the same way work on the bike. Use the simulators on different muscle groups to bring them in tone (after training is best done in a day). Do at least 10-12 exercises of 3-5 sets.
Focus on the leg muscles (squats with a little weight, flexion and extension of legs while sitting), hands (lifting of the dumbbells of different standing position), chest (push in the simulator sitting) and the back (thrust block behind the head seated, hyperextension). Special attention will be direct, lower and side abdominal muscles, performing flexion and extension of the body in the sitting position, and leg lifts on the bar. Train follows up a sweat and burning sensation in the muscles. After each workout, take a hot shower and attend a relaxing massage.