Why have children in the urine the phosphates are formed?

The development mechanism of phosphaturia in children is associated with impaired calcium-phosphorus metabolism. The result of this disease becomes excretion of calcium and phosphates with the urine. They, in turn, are responsible for the formation of the phosphate salt of stones in the urinary tract and kidneys in children.

In the process of laboratory examination of the urine salts phosphates should not be determined. Is that phosphates are detected only once, and in this case the cause for concern the parents should not be. Only one episode can be explained by the violation of a special diet that must be observed before the delivery of the analysis.

The appearance of phosphates in the urine may be associated with diseases of the urinary system infectious nature. Once the basic disease is cured, vanishes and phosphaturia. Congenital and hereditary diseases of the kidneys cause phosphorus not filtered by the kidneys and excreted from the body in urine, lowering the level of blood content. In children suffering from rickets and diabetes, high amount of phosphate in the urine is common.
If the problem of removing phosphates occurred in the summer, to complement the treatment will help the watermelon. Is it necessary every day until the end of the season.

Drug treatment of phosphaturia in children

To bring phosphates from urine in children are capable of retinol, vitamin A. For best absorption, it is recommended to combine with multivitamin complexes. Is useful treatment not only minimizes the formation of any stones, but also repairs the damaged urothelium.

For removing phosphate children is assigned to "Kanefron" – a drug produced in the form of drops and pills. Use it 3 times a day, and dosages are determined by age:
- infants – 10 drops;
- children aged 2 to 6 years 15 drops;
- school-age children (under 18 years) – 1 tablet or 25 drops.

How to drive the phosphates in popular recipes

To bring phosphates from the urine with the help of herbs, you can follow this recipe. The root of the madder dye, flowers elderberry, barberry and immortelle, leaves, cranberries, grass, clover, Heather and motherwort are taken in equal proportions and mix.
The black radish juice and honey are mixed in proportion 1: 2. The ready drink 3 times a day 30 minutes after meals (1 tablespoon). The treatment is carried out at least 3 weeks.

4 tablespoons of the resulting Assembly is placed in a thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water. After 6 hours of infusion means take 3 times a day before meals for a third Cup. In the treatment of herbs it is necessary to control the pH. If the urine has become alkaline, 2 tablespoons of herbs bearberry brewed half a liter of boiling water (in a thermos). The entire volume of ready-to-use drink during the day.

Bring the sand and stones from the kidneys will help the rose roots. Dry and crushed, they are filled with water at a ratio of 2 tablespoons of raw materials to 1 Cup of liquid. After 15-minute boiling broth allow to infuse for about 2 hours. The resulting drug drink through a straw throughout the day. The course of treatment – 2 weeks.