What is the precipitate in the urine

It is important to know that in medicine, the term "pellet" may not mean a visible savings. This word denote substances in the urine composition, consistency that allows them to be separated from the liquid and settle, float or stay in the main layer. Visible precipitation is usually formed after sedimentation. If they appear immediately, it means presence of the disease in the body.

There are natural precipitation, which serve as indicator of normal operation of the systems of organs. Mostly they are the color of urine and also white or reddish, the analysis of their composition is found flat, smooth particles of the same size.

Characteristics of precipitation urine

Salt precipitation (crystalline) appear with increased content of various salts in the body. Organic deposits include protein, particles of epithelium of the urinary organs. Precipitation in the form of flakes or mucus may be in the urine within permissible amount, and excess can be indicative of disease of the bladder, for example, ulcers.

A precipitate of white color indicates the high content of leukocytes in the urine because of acute or chronic urinary tract infection or inflammation of the genital organs. Blood in the urine may occur in cystitis, prostatitis, diseases of the blood vessels, insufficient coagulation of blood, anomalies of the kidney, infections, cancer. The cause of blood in urine child often is urinary tract infection or poor care of sexual organs.

The presence of pus in the urine (pointed to unusual turbidity, and the presence of flocculent or filamentous structures) indicates inflammation of the kidneys or bladder, sexual infection, prostatitis. Pus in the urine may also be a concomitant symptom of urolithiasis, tumors of the prostate, abnormalities of the kidneys. Sand in the urine is a symptom of kidney stones.

Dark-brown urine, possible for skin cancer, hemolytic anemia (premature accelerated breakdown of red blood cells). Black color can be observed in alkaptonuria genetic disease that causes a violation of metabolism, as well as acute hemolytic kidney and melanosarcoma.

On precipitation patterns in the urine is affected by the medication and eating certain products. It is necessary to consider if observed changes are a cause for concern.