Do not eat foods containing oxalic acid. These include chocolate, cocoa, coffee, radishes, beets, greens, legumes and citrus. Limit the use of garden and forest berries, as well as Antonov apples. The rest of the vegetables, meat and fish, vegetable and butter, white bread, watermelon, melon, peaches, bananas, dried fruit and honey can be consumed in any quantity.

Though it is not method of excretion of salts, but the basis of all treatment, without which no one remedy will not work.
Drink plenty of fruit drinks, mineral water and fruit drinks. The liquid in daily volume of not less than one and a half liters helps to clear the urinary tract and withdraw the crystallized salt.
Take herbal. In equal parts combine mint, corn silk and goldenrod. In half a liter of water brew a tablespoon of the herbal mixture and let it infuse in a thermos for the night. One tablespoon of tincture before meals helps to remove salt from the kidneys. Another effective remedy is a decoction of a mustache grapes. Teaspoon of the crushed plant infused in boiling water 40 minutes. The resulting liquid is drunk for months in a daily dose of 200 grams, divided into four doses. Between the courses you need to take a break a week and a half.
Ask the doctor to prescribe medication for alkalinization of urine. Usually for this purpose, preparations of magnesium and b vitamins, Such therapy slows the formation of salts and helping to curb the disease.