Preparation for collecting urine screening test for Sulkowice

Screenig test is conducted on a single portion of morning urine. Prior to collection, analysis, you need to carefully take hygienic shower. Urine should be collected in a sterile container, which is currently not difficult to buy at any pharmacy.

Before urine collection should not eat food for 8 hours, smoke, drink tea or coffee. If the collection of tests is conducted in the child, the baby should not be fed for 6 hours.

In the laboratory in the test urine sample add reagent Sulkowice. The levels of calcium salts will be determined visually by the degree of turbidity samples and the number of undissolved precipitate crystals of calcium oxalate. Depending on this, the laboratory will supply the sample the degree of turbidity from one to 4 crosses. In the absence of turbidity in the screening analysis, put a minus. This is the basis to suspect a deficiency of calcium level. The patient is administered an additional differential diagnosis for hypoparathyroidism. The results of biochemical analysis of blood will help confirm or refute the suspicion.

Daily collection of urine for diagnosis by the method of Sulkowice

If the screening analysis showed two to four crosses, the degree of turbidity is considered high. The patient is prescribed daily collection of urine. This means that during the day, usually from 8 am to 8 am, all the urine needs to be collected in one sterile container that should be stored in the refrigerator during the collection period of the analysis.

A week before the collection of daily urine for Sulkowice the patient needs to cancel diuretics. During the day during the collection analysis examined the diet should consist of cereals, cooked in water. You can not eat dairy products, tea, coffee, meat, prepared foods, fruits, vegetables.

After the completion of the collection of daily urine test, the whole batch shall be thoroughly mixed and handled in a sterile container. In the laboratory will record the daily volume of urine, height and weight of the patient.

For reliable results, based on which an accurate diagnosis, a doctor must assign an examined patient analysis to determine the level of calcium in the blood.

In Pediatrics urine test for Sulkowice is made for children with rickets to adjust the treatment. In particular, the amount of vitamin D needed for supplementation is determined in accordance with the performance of a screening test morning urine according to the method of Sulkowice.